Stressed out? Don’t freak out – wellness is here!

Whether you’re looking to treat your employees to a day of stress relief with massage…or give them the gift of mindfulness and peace with meditation classes, we can meet your needs. We aim to bring the joy of well-being to companies, groups, individuals, and college campuses through deeper understanding about stressful habits and tools to help overcome anxiety, insomnia, creative blocks, destructive emotions, and teamwork issues.

We help create more relaxed, focused, healthy, happy environments in which your employees can thrive.  

– Founder, Sarah Taylor

When we survey our staff to find out about what we’re doing right, Sarah and her massages are at the top of the list. It’s a very ‘low-cost’ perk financially and in time consumption, relative to the value that we get from it. It’s not just the physical aspect, but the mental as well. Sarah’s spirit is calming, loving and wise…..she helps us recharge and stay grounded. Her meditation sessions do so even more.Garson Foos, President, Shout! Factory

Sarah Taylor’s TEDx talk on meditation:

Thank you so much for speaking to our organization. You were terrific! I really enjoyed your meditation session. I have received much feedback on how much the ladies and their daughters loved you! Thank you again!Korina Welch, president, National Charity League
Sarah has given me a great meditation which I do on my own. I find that I can handle any pressure that comes my way now with grace, instead of freaking out. It is very interesting to me because it is really a new thing. This not only applies to matters of the heart, but to my job as well. On a whole I am much happier and much more confident since working with Sarah.Heather Kreamer, Music Director, Create Advertising
With meditation, I finally have the tools I need to do something I’ve tried to do for so long…and she made it so simple. Sarah is the best!Maureen O’Keefe Mailloux, Trailer and Film Editor