About The Founder

Sarah Taylor has been working with individuals and companies since 1994 in the field of wellness and stress-reduction. A sought after bodyworker in Los Angeles with a wait list of massage clients for many years, Sarah began to branch out with energy healing modalities like Reiki, as well as teaching meditation.

Trained in bodywork modalities such a sports massage, Swedish, and deep tissue, Sarah brings over two decades of helping stressed-out humans to her wellness programs at companies. Emphasizing the mind/body connection, she draws from a deep background in Buddhist philosophy and teaches how to bring mindfulness, presence, and the ability to sustain attention to your work and home life.

Also an award-winning actor, writer, and stand up comedian, Sarah lends humor and lightness to her classes, groups, and company wellness days. With simple tools and practices that everyone can use, she is relatable, clear, and engaging, using her background in comedy and acting to create healing and insightful experiences that are also fun.

She is a sought-after speaker at companies, colleges, and events like TEDx, bringing her light-hearted and compassionate approach to well being.